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Gordon Ramsay's Fast Food

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Product Description:

Throw out the frozen dinners and takeout menus. Who better to show readers how to cook real food, real fast and make it really tasty than Gordon Ramsey, three-star chef and TV celebrity? Gordon Ramsay’s Fast Food includes over 100 delicious recipes that are super-fast and easy to prepare. The book is divided into short sections: 15 feature fast recipes classified by group, such as starters, soups, fish, meat, pasta, working lunches, and desserts, and 15 more sections contain great menus for everyday and entertaining. Many of the dishes can be prepared and cooked in as little as 15 minutes, and none take longer than half an hour. The menus provided take 30-45 minutes from start to finish, each with a timing plan. There’s also advice on essential ingredients to keep in stock for speedy cooking, plus lots of great ideas for shortcuts.

Customer Reviews:

Rating: Two-Star Rating for Gordon Ramsays Fast Food
Date: 2008-07-04
If you are allergic, or don't like seafood, don't buy this book. It's very heavily weighted to seafood. There are also a number of ingredients that are either very hard to come by in North America, or some that I couldn't even figure out what they were! Of the other recipes, some of them are much too obvious and easy, such as fajitas...

Rating: Four-Star Rating for Gordon Ramsays Fast Food
Date: 2008-06-30
Good food fast
I don't know what people who are familiar with Ramsay could have been expecting? I wouldn't call this gourmet cooking, but it is sophisticated... but accessible. The recipes are easy and delicious, My teen son (a Ramsay fan) and I have made several of the dishes and have enjoyed them. They are great for entertaining, as they are quick, yummy, gorgeous to look at and special enough for company. He prepares a few of the dishes on podcasts at itunes. Check them out if you aren't that familiar with Ramsay's idea of fast food.

Rating: Four-Star Rating for Gordon Ramsays Fast Food
Date: 2008-06-30
30 Minutes or less doesn't belong only to Rachel Ray
I know some reviewers have found this book a disappointment, but I love it. Everything I have made out of here is delicious and pretty easy to make. There have been some comments about fresh ingredients. All good chefs really make an effort to buy fresh ingredients because they make food taste better. But substituting works just fine if you can't find it. Creme fraiche can be made. It can also be found in high end stores in the dairy case. If the receipe can handle some sweetness, sometimes whipped creme can be used. I live in Arizona and believe me the stores here are pitiful, but I have found everything I need for every dish in the book. Gordon Ramsay delivers the goods and lots of his food is much better in 30 minutes than anything Rachel Ray has come up with (although I like her food, too).

Rating: Three-Star Rating for Gordon Ramsays Fast Food
Date: 2008-06-30
Limited Appeal
Over one-third of the recipes in this book are for fresh seafood: Good news if you live near the coast - Bad news for the rest of us. Four more recipes call for creme fraiche (not available to us) and another for Iberian Ham (also not available). He offers no help if you want to make substitutions.For the price of this book I would have hoped for a more recipes I could use. While Ramsay gives only the simplest of instructions, all of the recipes are extremely easy to prepare anyway.

Rating: One-Star Rating for Gordon Ramsays Fast Food
Date: 2008-06-29
I was excited to order this, having watch G.R on his tv show. However, it featured many products we don't have in the states and the recipes were not what I would describe as fast food ideas.

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