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Album Description:

Wright's collaboration with Craig Street continues on The Orchard. While her prior releases boasted contributions from some of the jazz world's most respected jazz players, The Orchard features an eclectic cast that includes noted singer/songwriter Toshi Reagon, who co-wrote several songs with Wright; Calexico members Joey Burns and John Convertino; avant-guitar hero Oren Bloedow; longtime Bob Dylan sideman Larry Campbell; Ollabelle member Glenn Patscha; and guest vocalists Catherine Russell and Marc Anthony Thompson (aka Chocolate Genius).

The Orchard's fluid, intimate performances reflect the unpretentious spirit in which the music was created. The project actually began with a set of photographs taken by Wright in her rural hometown, focusing on the orchard of the title, a setting that she's known since childhood.

That organic approach was maintained throughout the recording process, which took place at studios in upstate New York's Catskill mountains, in Tucson, Arizona and Brooklyn. The sessions emphasized spontaneity and chemistry.

That rare ability to exist within the musical moment is one of the qualities that make Lizz Wright a special artist and The Orchard a career milestone. "This record was a huge learning experience, in every way, and I think it showed me a lot about myself," she states. "I never would have imagined that I would have written some of the things I wrote on this record, or told some of these stories. But I felt really free and I really let myself go, and I surprised myself."

Customer Reviews:

Rating: Four-Star Rating for The Orchard
Date: 2008-07-04
An orchard in full bloom
Many reviews on Amazon -- and yes, myself guilty -- tend to lean towards fan-mail. You keep a watch out for your favourite artists, buy their cd's as they are released and write a review tell the world how truly fantastic the artist and music are. And by inference, your own taste in music. So let me start by saying that I do have a weakness for Lizz Wright. Don't expect a cool unbiased review. Her earlier albums have been spinning and spinning on my cd-player. Not just because of her voice, her phrasing and tone that she combines so beautifully and effortlessly. In this she is not alone, there are many good singers with fine material out there. But there is something special about Lizz Wright that makes her stand out. Hard to put the finger on but it could be her seeming to take her lyrics so seriously, giving the impression of living or having lived them. Of wishing to tell. As a result you feel compelled to listen, and listen with attention, to what she wishes to say and convey. It just works, and this (almost) irrespective of the quality of the lyrics. If you lend her -- and her co-musicians -- your full attention you will more often than not be richly rewarded. This record is no exception. At first listen it even sounds stronger than her previous work, and that is saying quite something. Hey Mann a personal favourite along with Ike Turner's old Idolize-hit. The rest of the songs I let others comment on. Give Lizz Wright a try if you haven't yet heard her sing. It may not be your thing but you just may get hooked. And why not start with this her latest cd, a cd that I have not -- I realise -- really reviewed. But what did you expect from a biased fan?

Rating: Five-Star Rating for The Orchard
Date: 2008-06-24
I've been loving listening to Dreaming Wide Awake for a few years, and this new album reaches far beyond that. The Orchard exhibits a depth and richness, both musically and lyrically, that makes it undeniably my favorite album to come out in a long, long time. I look forward to hearing what Ms. Wright's future work, and her collaborations with the gifted songwriter Toshi Reagon and producer Craig Street, will gift to us!

Rating: Five-Star Rating for The Orchard
Date: 2008-06-19
A Touch of Soul A Sprinkle of Jazz
The Orchard what a fabulous CD!! I was introduced to this wonderful singer by a friend and what an introduction. I haven't stopped listening to it yet. Each track speaks to my heart and soul taking me placing I've been and have never visited. My my my where does a 28 yr old get this power, spirit and emotion from I will never understand. But I am glad she is anointed with this gift.

The Orchard is the perfect title an orchard is where you plant fruit trees, nut trees or sugar maple. Ms. Wright is certainly planting seeds for trees with this CD. Her sultry voice belting out hard notes that vibrate my soul and by the time the music hits me the sound has softened into a sweet melody caressing my body. I love this CD..oh yeah I said that already.

Rating: Five-Star Rating for The Orchard
Date: 2008-06-13
Puts it all together
I think thanks to Amazon's affinity algorithms, I got interested in Lizz Wright and checked her first two albums out of the library. Her voice is like a natural force - tremendous depth, a really beautiful voice. The first two records had some great songs but it wasn't clear she or her producers knew exactly how to present that voice in the best way. This album comes much, much closer. She could practically sing a capella, and that would be enough - and this album gives her a few spots where it really is just her voice, and its overwhelming. Craig Street put together a nicely understated musical background, and just opened it up for her to sing. She can definitely sing! Wasn't totally sure on the first two records - sort of, ok, great voice but can she sing? This album answers the question.

She starts to remind me of Mahalia Jackson at one end of the spectrum and Roberta Flack on the other. There's some real passion on this record that was kind of intermittent on the first two. This Orchard is full of inspiration. After a while all the songs sound fantastic but Coming Home, Hey Mann, When I Fall, Song for Mia, and the cover of Led Zeppelin's Thank You are most amazing.

Rating: Four-Star Rating for The Orchard
Date: 2008-06-12
Lizz forever
I look forward to each new Lizz Wright album. Such a wonderful stylist who gives each song just the right dose of emotion and care. A must for the Lizz Wright fan!!

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